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Colombia largely remains a traditional country. Many Colombians are still conservatives, holding on to the traditions and culture, with some considered old-fashion. However, that works to your advantage if you are looking for Medellin women.

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Many people still fail to notice how beautiful and respectful Medellin women are. They have inherited values and personalities from their cultural practices, making them the perfect loyal women you are looking for. Unlike other women and dating traditions in western countries, marrying a Colombian woman, Medellin women dating takes a different dimension.

We will uncover the untold truth about the magical beauty of girls from this part of the world. How to fit into their dating culture, win their heart, and whether they can make good wives or not. This is the ultimate guide to Medellin women in Colombia.

What’s so special about Colombian brides, you ask? They’ve got the exotic look of Latin women that captivate any man at heart. They have that exotic look because of the exotic locations they have chosen for marriage. And if we don’t mention the locations – the color of the soil of Colombia is another reason these brides are so enchanting.

What’s so special about Colombian brides though?

They have to have some kind of secret of their attractive and unique looks. Well, actually, they have one since a mixture of genetics enables them to look so gorgeous. If we try to analyze their features, we can say that they have voluptuous bodies that are made even more attractive by their perfectly shaped dark hair and eyes. Colombian women are known to be passionate people who love to travel even if it’s for a short vacation.

What makes a Colombian bride different from any other bride in other countries? It’s sad but true that over here in Colombia, the culture emphasizes on family and community and that’s why the Colombian girls are so loyal to their communities and even if they are married to a man from a different continent, they still live in the same village and attend the same functions. So if you’re planning to get married in Colombia, it won’t be a problem for you since you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful and passionate ladies who are willing to do anything for you. If you’re not a big fan of parties then it’s time you changed your mind now that Colombia offers a lot of exciting places where you can spend your vacation without worrying too much about your bills at the end.

Medellin Women

What are These Girls Like?

Medellin women may not be popular on international dating platforms, but they have many things to offer. From beauty to personality, women in Medellin just have the best you can think of. Whether you are visiting the city for other reasons or purposefully for their women, it’s worth trying dating here. It might be your lucky day to find Medellin women for marriage.

How Beautiful Are Medellin Women?

What captures the eyes of most western men in Medellin women is their beauty. Before going deeper into who a Medellin woman is, you must first get attracted. Colombia offers you a variety of women with different looks since it is a multicultural country.

The different races here give rise to women of all looks and appearance. Generally, Medellin women have sensual bodies with either tanned or olive skin. Most of them are distinguished with their long dark hairs and eyes. The Colombian weather makes them wear light clothes, making it possible to notice their beauty.

Characteristics and Personality of a Medellin Girls

If you are looking for Medellin single women for marriage, then you are at the right spot. This is where to find the future mother of your kids. We have talked about their irresistible beauty, and their character and personality are no different.

Colombia is a country that is dominated by Christians. Christianity and tradition have both impacted the personality and characteristics of Medellin women. They are kind, brave, intelligent, loyal, passionate, and faithful. And are, no doubt, the best for serious relationships.

Marrying a woman from Medellin can be the best decision you have made in your life. Why are we saying so? A Medellin girl comes as a complete package with many benefits. We will highlight just but a few of the things that you can expect from your Medellin bride.

Medellin women for marriageDelicious meals – Columbia is one of the countries with the best dishes worldwide. You can expect women from here to possess exemplary culinary prowess. Women in Medellin are aware of this value and pride in it. As the husband, you will always get the best meal for your belly.

Endless adventure – Medellin women are explorers. They possess a fierce and intense soul that propels them to discover the world. As her partner, you will be part of that adventure, and if it is your thing, you will be the best couple ever.

A big family – Family bonds in Colombia are strong. If planning to date or marry Medellin women, then be prepared to meet her parents as well as members of her intended family. The good news is that you will be accepted into her family as one of their own.

A Guaranteed happy marriage – A Medellin woman has strong personalities that help her keep a happy marriage. First, women from this city are family-oriented. That alone is enough to make her committed to the relationship and build a family. Secondly, they are loyal and faithful. Once you are married to a woman from Medellin, you can rest easy knowing that she is all yours forever. Unlike western women, Medellin women appreciate gender roles. Men are protectors and providers, and women take care of the house chores and children. The women here appreciate this femininity.

Medellin Dating Culture and Tips

Going after Medellin single women without understanding their culture is like a wild goose chase. You need to know the dos and don’ts before starting a relationship here. In this section, we will discuss some of the cultural practices to consider and what you should restrain from doing to win the heart of a Medellin girl.

Dating and Marriage Culture in Colombia

Dating and marriage in Medellin are influenced by Christianity. Getting into a relationship with a Colombian woman is not a big deal, provided you presented yourself the right way, as we will discuss later. However, dating is not culturally encouraged to reduce the number of children born outside wedlock. The problem comes in when you want to marry or wed.

The legal age for marriage is 18, but not many single women here would prefer to settle that early. Statistics by Gill 2016 show that only 20% of women between 18 and 49-years-old are married. A significant number is still single. On the positive side, western men are allowed to marry and wed Colombian women. You can choose to do it in Medellin or carry your fiancé to the United States and do it there.

However, you will have to prove your eligibility to marry by providing relevant certificates depending on your status. If single and never married, then a birth certificate and a notarized document from family and friends confirming the same is required. Divorced or widowed individuals must produce divorce papers or death certificates. That is a necessity before a civic or church wedding can take place.

Common Medellin and Western Dating Cultures

There is no remarkable difference between dating and marriage culture in Medellin and western countries apart from what we have already mentioned. Women and men are free to meet their partners and inform the parents about it. You have to know the family of your fiancé, and she also needs to know your family. When arranged, the two families can meet.

Differences Between Medellin and Western Dating Cultures

The cultural difference is evident in gender roles. In Medellin, Colombia, women are happy being housewives. Their place is mostly in the kitchen and also take care of the children. Men, on the other hand, are providers and protectors of the family. That is a different story when it comes to western dating and marriage culture.

What Kind of Men Medellin Girls Are Looking For?

As mentioned, you have to find Medellin single women and win the heart of the chosen one. The success of this first step in dating requires a deep understanding of dos and don’ts. In this section, we highlight what can appeal to a Colombian woman and possible red flags.

The do’s

  • Remain respectful and courteous. These are great values that a woman needs to see in you before taking the next step of introducing you to her family.
  • Appreciate the Colombian culture and rich historical background. You need to do this in a conversation to show that you like the country and its people.
  • Show generosity. A Medellin woman will only fall for a man who is generous and has a kind heart. If that is not you, then look somewhere else for your future wife.
  • Respect their religion. Colombians are mainly Catholics, so you need to respect that and never criticize their Christianity in any way.
  • Noise from the neighborhood or social places is common. Try tolerating it no matter how hard it is to stomach.

The don’ts

  • Colombia is popularly known for drug trafficking. Never joke about this matter, and be cautious when asked a question about it.
  • Do not inquire more about Colombian violence. The citizens may feel uneasy discussing the topic with foreigners.
  • Do not judge their country openly based on its struggles. They may not like this kind of criticism.
  • Do not make them feel belittled by referring to the United States as simply “America.” Colombia is also part of the South American continent, and the citizens deserve to be called Americans.

Do Medellin Women Make Good Wives?

From the Medellin women photos, you can conclude that they are beautiful. But does that attractive look reflect their character and personality? Colombian women Medellin are loyal, faithful, good cooks, family-oriented, and passionate. What other definition of a good wife is left out?

No doubt, women in Medellin are good as your future wife. You might have a different definition of a good wife. But the character and personality of Medellin single women fit in your description.

The Final Thoughts on Medellin Women

You have high chances of finding a single woman in Medellin. They are good-looking and make the best mothers, but where do you find them. The best way to go about it is through Medellin Colombia dating sites. These sites give you many options for single women to choose from. You can also walk around the city to meet your dream Medellin woman to start a relationship and finally build a home together.